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South Atlantic Enterprises, Inc. ("SAE"), established in 1993, is a registered broker/dealer and a member of FINRA. Robert L. "Sandy" Abbott, Jr. is the founder and President of SAE. Mr. Abbott has over 25 years of experience in the financial service industry, including his time at Bear Stearns.

SAE specializes in helping middle market companies obtain financing to recapitalize their balance sheets and identifying private financing transactions for institutional investors.

Mr. Abbott launched SAE to source distressed debt transactions for a hedge fund. Over time, SAE expanded its transactions to include senior and junior loans, mezzanine debt and private equity to help institutions invest capital and to assist middle market companies in minimizing their cost of capital. SAE has arranged transactions at the various levels of the capital structure.

SAE has developed a niche in special situation or “story” transactions. They are typically one-off transactions requiring unconventional financing from an alternative capital source because the company’s industry is out-of-favor or the unique nature of the company’s assets or the company’s credit issues.

Examples of Special Situation Transactions include:


-     ■  Assisting companies that are not banked by traditional lenders.

    ■  Arranging loans secured by unique assets such as tax credits or accounts receivables of a
    solar company.
    ■  Identifying unusual assets like ships for investors to acquire
    ■  Helping companies with complicated capital structures recapitalize to reduce debt leverage
    or for growth.

Robert L. "Sandy" Abbott, Jr.

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